Creating Your Own Video Games As Your Fun Career

Create Video Games As Your Fun Career

By Abyss Odyssey by ACE Team, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Do you like video games? Do you beat video games after playing once? Do you feel like the games are too easy? If yes then you might want to make a career out of creating your own video games because you just might have a passion for these things and maybe you should go where your heart leads you.

If your at the point where you are thinking about your career, I suggest that you do what you love to do. You should consider a different course of action: majoring in something you TRULY enjoy… something you could do hours on end without feeling like you are working at all. And if you are like many people, this ‘something’ would be playing video games.

That’s right! You can actually get a job creating and/or playing video games.  Below is a list of some of the careers available for those with a video game degree. I’m also going to be giving important additional information about each field with  related articles of my site for further reading.

1) Video Game Programmer

By Jason Scott - Bill Budge Interview, CC BY 2.0, Link

This is one of the  most important fields to get into if not the most important when it comes to creating your own video games.Gameinformer Magazine mentions that, video game programmers are the “heart and soul” of the industry. They are the ones responsible for creating the code necessary for getting video games to function. And contrary to popular belief, their jobs aren’t always easy. Video game programming often involves creating complex functions and algorithms often times more challenging than programs created in Corporate America.

Indeed, game programming may not be the appropriate course for everyone seeking a video game career, but if you were deciding to go into the computer field anyway, which job would be more enjoyable… coding the next Halo, or working on a boring, hum-drum piece of no-name software?

2) Video Game Tester

As a video game tester it is a position in which you truly would get paid for playing video games. According to current game tester Doug D. from Electronic Arts, he say’s as a game tester you would “go over different components of a game and look for things that just don’t make sense.” You would also “break the game,” meaning you would “do things a normal user would do and accidentally see something go wrong.”

Doug Powell further adds that video game testing is a good place to start for young people who want to “break into the industry.” To get such a position and start down a path to creating your own video games  it is best to have a “passion for gaming” and some educational background. Doug recommends a degree, or some form of higher-level education.

3) Video Game Animator

Animators are in charge for coordinating the movement of video game characters. Accomplishing requires more than drawing something on a piece of paper, which according to Alex Jones, an established game animator, occurs after a lot of “brainstorming, chilling, playing, planning and testing” with the programmer. But when the busy work is done, the video game animator will finally get a chance to do what he or she does best… animate. Alex Drouin says the thing he liked best about his job was “being able to come there late in the morning, sit behind his computer, put on a great CD, and then create crazy animation that will end up in a game that will be seen all around the world by gamers.” With a video game degree it is certainly possible!

4) Sound Designer

Sound designers are responsible for creating the music and sound effects of video games. Video game music is created either from digital sources or real-life stimulation. As video game consoles become more advanced, many sound designers favor the latter when deciding on what type of music they want in the games they are working on. Creating appropriate sound effects, on the other hand, sometimes requires more creative experimentation.

To be successful at designing video game sounds it is best to: 1) have an interest in both music and sound, 2) possess knowledge of recording equipment and 3) be familiar with the types of music and sound used in today’s most popular video games. A video game degree will help develop these talents and skills.

5) Game Designer

Video game designers are responsible for creating the ‘experience’ of a particular game. Charles Perry, a video game designer, sums it up by saying “the main tasks of the designer is to make sure the game is fun.”

Wells further adds that game designers are responsible for macro and micro level design. Macro level design involves “figuring out the core mechanics of the game; the variety of level looks, power-ups, etc.” Micro-design involves creating the “actual levels and the moment-to-moment gameplay within those levels… the enemies, the objects, and the particular way you encounter those enemies and objects.”

Good game designers should obviously have an interest in video games along with some drawing and programming skills. In my humble opinion all of these fields sound cool when it comes to creating your own video games. Like I mentioned earlier I posted links to other pages of my site that cover these individual fields of game development in more depth. Of course everyone knows you can start a career of some kind in the gaming industry. However; not everyone necssarily knows what they need to do to get into the gaming industry. In particular I find the game designer and the game animator fields the most interesting of the fields I mentioned in creating your own video games. I have an interest in drawing, I even downloaded some drawing courses off of Udemy. When the time comes and I’m able to have more spare time I’m going to learn how to draw to create my own characters the way I always wanted to. This is going to come in handy for the animation aspect, if you can draw a character or an element properly then you can animate them properly. 

The programming aspect of gaming is the second thing I find interesting because although it can be a challenge to learn once you know it the sky is the limit. Your basically learning to speak another langauge in this case the langauge of computers.Once you understand how to properly use that langauge you can make a computer do whatever you want and that’s fascinating to me. I only see the video game industry continuing to evovle as time goes by and I’m pretty sure that as that happens the Job requirements of the industry will change. No matter how you will aquire the necssary skills if those skills are in demand and you are able to show an employer the right porfolio even if you don’t have a degree you still just might land that dream job in the future. I know this information is here to apply to people who already may have a degree but it’s really just as helpful to anyone who doesn’t have a degree but are still interested in getting into the industry. Either way rather you have a degree or not you still be able to have a lot of fun creating your own video games.not just playing them.    

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