PC Builds: Is Origin PC The Possible Solution in the Current Gaming Climate

When it comes to PC Builds I know there are still enough people out there in the current year who still want to build there own gaming rigs. Potentially some of you reading this may remember an early post I did about why it may not be such a good idea to build your own rig in the current year and beyond. In fact, I believe that was my very first blog post I ever did on this site. In that post was talking in part about the cryptocurrency boom. cryptocurrency is becoming more and more of a trend, mining for digital coins has caused individuals and companies to buy PC components especially graphics cards in bulk which is helping to drive up the price of those cards.

Naturally this development is not setting well with a lot of gamers so many of them are mad about this situation which is understandable. However,; like I was saying in that earlier post I don’t see things getting any better unfortunately for gamers at least not any time soon. For gamers who have enjoyed building and playing there own gaming machines for years now, having to compete with cryptocurrency miners for the very same parts they need to build there dream machines I get it, it sucks. For myself personally it sucks because I had an interest in learning how to build my very own gaming rig.

Since the gaming PC market is being affected so heavily by the cryptocurrentcy boom, now may not be the best time to build your first gaming rig from scratch but instead buy a pre-built rig preferably a customisable one. It might hit you about a $1000 or more but the price you end up paying for a graphics card and other price inflated components these days is not much different than just buying an entire quality, customisable, pre-built gaming rig. This could especially be true if your a gamer whose interested in getting your very first gaming PC. In a sense you could say this is a war or at least a conflict of interest between gamers and miners over GPUs, motherboards etc.

Origin PC Overview

For those of you who may not be familiar Origin PC is a company that sales customisable PC’s, some of the companies’s customisations are even patented technology. It has been said that if you can’t afford to buy all the parts for your own original gaming rig than of course you could buy a pre-built rig. If you buy the rig from Origin PC you will not just be buying a pre-built gaming rig you also will be getting a customisable one and you might be coming out cheaper as a result than if you were to build your own gaming machine. Besides providing customisable gaming desktops Origin PC also offer gaming laptops, workstation desktops, workstation laptops, VR headsets, PC and gaming accessories.

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When it comes to PC builds I’m not saying that Origin PC is the absolute solution for all gamers in the current climate, some of you reading this may still prefer to find loop holes around the crypto craze and build your own rigs anyway. What I’am saying is since things are the way they are with the whole gaming vs mining issue Origin PC can perhaps be a viable alternative for gamers at least for the time being. This could especially be true with first time gamers who are just starting out. With that said lets go into a little more detail about what Origin PC has to offer.

Desktops For Gaming

Currently Origin PC offers Multiple pre-built customisable rigs not just for gaming but for work purposes as well. In regard to the gaming they would include the: Chronos, Neuron, Millenium and the Genesis. The Chronos is the cheapest of the four starting at about $1400, it is also the smallest of the four rigs but this design is for convenience for those who may not have enough space in there home for a larger rig. The $1400 price tag could go up depending on how you want the PC customized. You would have to know what you want, keep a budget, and play around with Origin PC’s component opinions feature to really see how much money your looking at.

Now as for there other gaming rigs from the Neuron to the Genesis the starting price only goes up. The Millenium and the Genesis are patented technology so automatically they’re going to be a bit more expensive. Interestingly enough all these PCs are under $ 2000 at there starting rates with only the Genesis edging out slightly more at $2,015. The Genesis also is the largest of the four rigs so if you ever decide to get it make sure you have enough space in your home.

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I know that not everyone has the money to pay for customisable PCs like this even the Chronos can be considered a little steep and I get it. I’m a realistic thinker I’m not willing to pay $1400 just yet for a PC myself. Origin PC does offer financing for all there custom-built systems so for some people this may be an option. The choice of course is yours but besides gaming desktops Origin PC also offers workstation PC builds that are also customisable. I’m not going to touch on Origin’s workstation computers in this post I want to focus more on gaming in this article but I will talk about workstation rigs in another post.


When it comes to there gaming laptops so far Origin PC offers four types like there desktops the EON15-S and the EVO15-S in the 15-inch configuration and the EVO17-S and the EON17-X in the 17inch configuration. Now like there desktops Origin PC also offers workstation laptops but as I mentioned in the above I’m going to focus a lot on all there workstation PCs in another article. Origin claims that there gaming laptops can perform at similar levels as there gaming desktops using Intel Core processors and NViDIA Geforce GTX graphics cards. One thing I always liked about laptops over desktops is there greater potability plus Origin’s gaming laptops can also be used for other task such as 3D modeling and video production because of the more powerful graphics cards and components.

3D modeling is another aspect of gaming PCs I like because I also have an interest in 3D modeling besides gaming. This makes things interesting because if your a programmer you can use these PCs to help with creating your own original game titles. I find this appealing because it has certainly giving me some ideas for the future when I get my own gaming PC. Another thing to keep in mind is that Origin’s laptops are also customisable like there desktops so if your not happy with the PC for what it is you can always modify it to your liking of course. All of this kind of makes Origin PC look like a potential option for PC builders if you don’t want to hunt around for your own components and deal with the crypto miners over parts to build your own game rig. Origin PC does offer additional products and that brings me to my next sub-topic.

VR & Gearshop

I mentioned in some of my other post that I believe VR is the future of gaming and other industries. I still believe that but as of now the technology even in the current year still hasn’t caught on enough yet to be considered mainstream. I was playing a game demonstration in the mall one day with a couple of kids and one of the young men mentioned that he was not a fan of VR so even among young people VR hasn’t caught on just yet. However,; that doesn’t’t mean that it won’t as the technology continues to evolve and spread out in its potential uses. Origin PC claims that there VR ready PC builds are future proof, the desktops that fit into this mold are namely the same ones I mentioned earlier in this article from the Chronos to the Genesis.

As far as laptops go again you have the EVO15-S, EON15-X, EON17-X, and the EON17-SLX that are all VR ready. Origin also claims that in the designing of all these systems both desktops and laptops they are committed to giving the most immersive experience they can offer in supporting VR. They offer expert wiring for best thermal performance, when it comes to shipping they offer wooden crate and instafoam for added protection. These are just some of the perks that Origin PC offers when it comes to VR but they also offer a good bit of products when it comes to there Gearshop section.

In the Gearshop section Origin PC offers what seems to be high-quality PC accessories such as keyboards, mice, monitors, power accessories, case extras and more. Like there PCs Origin claims there Gearshop accessories are also the latest innovations in cutting-edge technology. I have taken a look at there products in Gearshop and I must say it is worth checking out in my opinion. For all of there systems and equipment Origin offers supposedly world-class, 24/7 US based customer service that is available 365 days a year. One thing at least I do like about that is that if your first language is English you will likely have a more comfortable and easier time dealing with representatives. For some individuals at least it can be a challenge dealing with individuals whose first language is not English. I know that more companies these days are outsourcing there customer care services to other countries like India. On the other hand; I also understand that if your a gamer whose first language is not English you will probably not have the best experience dealing with the US based customer service. It’s safe to say that as time goes by Origin PC will likely do some outsourcing as there business grows. They will likely have staff at that point that can deal better with foreign customers, if there not doing it already.

Verdict And Final Thoughts

In conclusion when it comes to PC builds again I’m not saying that Origin PC is the clear solution for gamers when it comes to dealing with the crypto miners, in fact it may not be a solution at all I know that crypto miners can get Origin PC technicians to manufacture them custom-built PCs for mining as gamers can for gaming. What I’am saying is that Origin can potentially be a good option for at least some gamers. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of time building your own rig, the PCs are customisable, upgradable, financing is available along with 24/7 customer service from the same team of technicians who manufacture and test the PCs themselves. I know for myself when I do decide to get my first gaming rig rather than buy some computer that is out-of-date already by the time I buy it in the store I will certainly consider getting a quality,custom-built, upgradable, premium, and state-of-the-art rig. Origin PC may just have a new customer in the not so distant future.

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P.S. Let me know in the comments what you guys think I’am always eager to hear your feedback.

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