Video Game Programming Courses: Is UAT The Top Choice When Starting A Career In Gaming

So in my previous post I gave my thoughts on a video game programmer’s salary and why I think it can make for a lucrative career in the game industry. In this post I’m going to be discussing video game programming courses at UAT and others that can start you down the path to getting that lucrative career in gaming and become that much closer to professionally creating your own original game title. Some of you who might be reading this might recall that in another post I mentioned that for the time being companies prefer you to still have some type of degree to get into the game industry. However; according to the Labor Bureau of Statistics the numbers for programming jobs is not slated to increase much in terms of demand because companies will increasingly hire freelancers in countries like India where the programmer doesn’t even need a degree but has studied and understands programming. For the time being companies are still preferring job candidates with degrees so with that said let’s see what UAT and some other schools have to offer in video game programming courses.


The Courses

To heighten learning and prepare for real-world collaboration, UAT fosters coder team projects with students in other game development degrees, including Game Design, Game Art & Animation , Virtual Reality , and Game Production Management First in the world to introduce fully accredited game design and game programming degrees, UAT has among the most prolific game coding degrees in the country. The University’s School of Game Design offers a fully online Game Development Degree Program with an encompassing curriculum designed to provide students with the necessary skills to take their video game design careers in clear directions. Students will learn to design or program video games within the school of Game Design and Development, earning themselves either a BA in game design art online or a BS in Game Design Engineering. Founded in 1925 as a night school for adult learners, the University of Baltimore now provides a comprehensive list of traditional and distance education programs, including a hybrid online bachelor of science in simulation and game design The video game industry continues to grow.

One of many diverse schools at Academy of Art University, the School of Game Development provides students with a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs dedicated to the study of video game professions and design skills. Not only do they offer an online school, which includes separate programs in Animation Programming and a Game Art and Design Program, there’s also the option of extending your schooling and receiving a Bachelor’s degree, something many of the technical colleges don’t offer. Few schools compare to University of California, Santa Cruz when it comes to the number of available programs relating to game development These include a BS in Computer Science: Computer Gaming Design, an MS in Games & Playable Media, and even MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science with a research focus in Computer Games.



One major focus of the game design curriculum is to give students a foundation for further work in the field or outside it, by giving those students opportunities to grow and strengthen their skills in teamwork, communication, iterative development, play testing and user testing, storytelling, game programming, 2D and 3D art, animation, game design, audio design, entrepreneurship, and project management. Accredited colleges and private computer schools offer training programs in today’s hottest game design domains, including mobile game design, video game art, multiplayer game development, simulation programming and virtual reality. The school of Arts, Media, and Communication offers an online Bachelor’s degree in Video Game Design, and courses include Game Development, Concept Design, and 3D Animation.

More Courses

SCAD’s Interactive Design and Game Development online Bachelor’s degree program offers award-winning e-learning degree tracks where students cover an encompassing curriculum of foundational art theories, general education classes, and then move into the core content of the program that is delivered by some of our country’s leading creative minds. With a stellar reputation, well-designed program tracks, and experiential learning objectives-which are so often the weak point of online education-the University’s Game Development programs are both highly impressive options for students with any game design career goals. UAT offers three specialized online Bachelor’s degrees in video game design: Bachelor of Arts in Game Art and Animation, Bachelor of Arts in Game Design, or a Bachelor of Science in Game Programming.Besides (UAT) this school could also be a good idea in finding video game programming courses.

The Game Programming and Development online BS degree goes beyond traditional software development and prepares students for other industries that use gaming and simulation like healthcare, project management, education, and public policy. Students who complete the course will learn about and implement basic methodologies across areas of computer science that are involved in the programming of a video game – computer graphics, artificial intelligence, path planning, audio programming, and software design. The course material will cover game programming techniques and technologies, including rendering, input, memory management, real-time software development for games; start-to-finish simple video game design and implementation; project management; teamwork and team management.

Industry projections indicate a strong job outlook for video game designers in the years to come, particularly in software development, computer programming and other tech-based subdivisions. The University of Advancing Technology offers three online degree program options, with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design, a Bachelor of Arts in Game Art and Animation, and a Bachelor of Science in Game Programming. The Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design offers an online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art degree program for students seeking to apply their artistic skills and passion to video game professions.

The College of Information Technology offers an online Bachelor of Science in Game Software Development degree program for students seeking to enter game design professionally. It’s a hot market and it takes more than just a computer science degree to get into it. While you can always look into 3D design and computer programming at any major university, there are some schools that you’ll be able to find almost anywhere that offer specific courses in video game design. UAT’s gamer group is supported by the Games Job Fair networking event and the project/assignment designs within Game Programming degree courses which require all coding students to contribute to game development each semester.

Comprised of more than just courses and physical areas with four walls, UAT Game Studios is a culture of experiential learning derived from a multidisciplinary collaboration of video game programming students and others across UAT’s undergraduate and graduate degrees both on-ground and online. Offered alongside the Game Level Design program at Sheridan’s renowned Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design, their game development courses simulate a realistic work environment that integrates game programming, tool development, digital art, storytelling and project management. Students in George Brown’s three-year Game – Programming advanced diploma program will learn the technical skills they need to be successful in the job market by learning the language of gaming” (C and C++), as well as artificial intelligence, 3D graphics and much more.

You will work with a multidisciplinary group of students as appropriate for your course (User Experience Design MSc, Game Development (Design) MA, Game Development (Programming) MSc and Computer Animation MA); involved with the digital media production process in response to a project brief developed in consultation with the industry panel and/or research staff. Now when you first hear all of this it sounds all fine an dandy but I’m the type of individual who tries to look at a subject from all angles. If there’s one thing all these places have in common it’s the fact they all require money. If your a high school student who happens to qualify for a scholarship or a grant applying for these schools I talked about can be great but if your a working class adult, qualifying for financial aid can be a pain if you still have a passion for video games. Otherwise you would have to pay for a loan and let’s face it that’s how people get trapped in depth and no one on the face of this planet wants that.

Alternatives and Final Thoughts

Fortunately as time marches on things are increasingly changing. They’re much cheaper ways to learn to program as I’m sure a number of you reading this are aware of. Websites like Udemy, Lynda and others offer good and reasonably priced courses in C/C++ and other forms of programming without the buyer necessarily getting into depth. I’m also sure you can find some good programming books on, when it comes to programming and other subjects the site has a pretty wide range of books and ebooks. Honestly when you really think about it books are so cheap and so readily available you can become an expert in basically whatever you want.

I believe as time goes on a degree is going to become less important while a portfolio will become more important. Individuals will be able to get a job by showing evidence of what they have learned, what projects they have done and what are the results of those projects. If enough people do that in the future, companies will have less of an incentive to hire freelancers overseas to save money. In conclusion when it comes to finding good video game programming courses (UAT) and traditional college could be a good choice for you depending on who you are or you can go with the cheaper self thought route. In the end with the ever-changing climate of this world, for anyone wanting to start a career in games leading up to them creating their own original game title they will have to do what is best for them.

P.S. Let me know in the comments what you guys think, I always appreciate feedback.


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